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Paper Stock Pump 350-400 2
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PSX series

KEERTHI pumps offer – PSX is specially designed for Pulp and Paper stock applications also offer tailor made solutions for all other Paper making process applications.PSX -Series Pumps id designed for handling liquids with solids in suspension, sludge or pulpy material in Paper Industries, sewage or waste with soft solids in suspension, viscous liquids or liquids carrying fibrous material or powdered material slurries.

Pump Delivery Size D DN 65 to DN 400
Head H Up to 80 mtrs (260 feet)
Capacity Q Up to 2500 m³/hr
Max.Working Pressure 22 bar
Max.Operating (Temp) 140 °C
Speed N 1450 rpm

Paper Mills application like chest pump, refineries pump, Fan pump, Centri cleaner pump,

Back water pump, separator pump, couch pit pump, turbo feed pump, stock pump

Pulp making Process, Pulp Preparation Process and paper making Process

Coating production, caustic Gasification, DE inking, Flocculation

Paper Bleaching, Additives, Dyes Process

Pulp slurry transfer- Cellulose fibre slurries, Evaporators, Concentrators applications

Flash tanks, Flotation cells, Black liquor& waste Stock

Acid , alkaline, corrosive slurries etc

Heavily contaminated liquids, raw sewage, sludge

Absorption plant & Chemical Process Industries

Agro and Fertilizer Plants

Drugs and Pharmaceutical

Liquor and Bewerages Plant

Cements and Sugar Plants

Textile, Jet Dyeing, Dyes & Intermediates

Organic and Inorganic Liquids Refineries

Effluent Treatment Plants

Chlorinated water, Volatile Liquids

Oil Extraction and Waste

Slurry Handling

Specifications Range
Pump Delivery Size D DN 65 to DN 400
Head H Up to 80 mtrs (260 feet)
Capacity Q Up to 2500 m³/hr
Speed N 720/960/1450 rpm at 50 Hz
Speed N 1200/1450 rpm at 60 Hz
Temperature Up to 140 °C

PSX 65/260

PSX 80/260

PSX 80/320

PSX 100/260

PSX 100/320

PS 100/400

PS 100/500

PSX 125/260

PSX 125/320

PS 125/400

PS 125/500

PS 150/260

PS 150/320

PS 150/400

PS 150/500

PS 200/320

PS 200/400

PS 200/500

PS 250/320

PS 250/400

PS 300/320

PS 300/400

PS 350/500

PS 350/600

PS 450/550

Handling pulp & paper stocks up to 6% consistency

Conform to DN 24256 dimensions

High efficiency hydraulic design

Heavy duty shaft, sleeve and bearings

Low NPSH, lesser Noise and maintenance free

Open impellers with renewable front wear plate and closed impeller with wear – ring

Simple external adjustment for impeller wear

Heavy duty bearing for maximum life.

Vibration free running due to hydraulically balanced construction.

Heavy duty shaft with maximum deflection less than 0.05mm.

Jacketed convertible stuffing box utilizing gland packing or mechanical seal.

5 Power frame sizes

High reliability and lower operating costs

Easy maintenance through the Back-Pull-Out principle

Single unbalanced / balanced seals to EN 12756 (DIN 24960)

Rigid Construction for better life

Robust shaft design

Spares interchangeability

Hydraulic Efficient leads more energy saving

Oversized rugged shaft to minimize corrosion.

Stuffing box easily converted from gland packing to mechanical seal.

Tapper Roller Bearings with Oil & Grease Lubrication Options. Rated L10 – 100,000 Hours

Standard ANSI flange for discharge and suction

Low Shear Recessed Impeller That Can Handle: Pulp & Paper, Carbon Transfer, Large Solids, Etc.

Good homogenization of the stock application

Excellent efficiency of more than 70% which is significantly above industry average

Easy maintenance through the Back-Pull-Out principle

Part NameMaterial
CasingCast iron FG260 / Cast Iron FG 200 / CF8 / CF8M / 2%NICI / Duplex Steel
Impeller CA15 / SS 304 / SS 316/Duplex Steel
Stuffing BoxCast iron FG260 / Cast Iron FG 200 / CF8 / CF8M / 2%NICI / Duplex Steel
Wear plate CA15 / SS 304 / SS 316/Duplex Steel
Pump Shaft EN8 /SS 410 / SS 304 / SS 316/Duplex Steel
Bearing bed SS 410 /SS 304 / SS 316/Duplex Steel
Bearing bedCast iron
Gland MS / SS

Gland Rope

Single Mechanical seal

Double Mechanical seal

Cartridge Seal

Dynamic Seal

Base plate

Coupling (Love jaw/tyre/spacer/pin push)

Coupling guard

Foundation Bolt