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KEERTHI MF series – Mixed Flow Pumps are single‐stage centrifugal pumps suitable for handling pure or contaminated liquids in large volumes. The energy efficient and reliable MF series mixed flow pumps function as a compromise between radial and axial flow pumps. They operate at higher pressures than axial flow pumps while delivering higher capacities. The pumps are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Pump Delivery Size D DN 200 to DN 450
Head H Up to 50 mtrs (164 feet)
Capacity Q Up to 3500 m³/hr
Max.Working Pressure16 bar
Max.Operating (Temp) 100 °C
Speed N960/1450 rpm at 50 Hz
Speed N 1150/1750 rpm at 60 Hz

General Water Supply, Municipal projects

Power industry utilities

Storm water and drainage

Water extraction and Transport

Chemical Plant, Chemical liquid circulation

Power station and Nuclear Power station

Sewage Disposal, Pumping drainage water, storm water

Offshore project and sea water, Shrimp ponds

Mining and steel plant

Agricultural irrigation

Petrochemical Industry

Circulation of hot or cold water in industry Air-conditioning plants

Water treatments

Specifications Range
Pump Delivery Size D DN 200 to DN 450 (8″ To 18″)
Head H Up to 50 mtrs (164 feet)
Capacity Q Up to 3500 m³/hr
Temperature Up to 100°C
Speed N 960/1450 rpm at 50 Hz,
Speed N1150/1750 rpm at 60 Hz

MF 250/270

MF 350/400

MF 450/550

MF 200/320

MF 250/320

MF 300/320

MF 200/400

MF 250/400

High efficiency pump range

Mixed flow impeller will handle clean or dirty water containing small solids

Mechanical seal or gland packed

An excellent range of pump sizes available

Suitable for baseplate mounting with coupling

Heavy duty oil lubricating bearing bracket

Different orientation of delivery nozzle

Dynamically Balanced Semi-open impeller for better life

Heavy Construction ensures better operation Handles abrasive slurries

Heavy duty bearing for maximum life

Pump structure allows for selection of suitable parts depending on the type of liquid, such as chemicals or gypsum slurry, that comes into contact with them

Single-suction, single-stage Mixed-Flow Volute Pump with large capacity and high efficiency, capable of operating near maximum limits

Part NameMaterial
Casing Cast iron FG260 / Cast Iron FG 200 / CF8 / CF8M / 2%NICI / Duplex Steel
Impeller CA15 / SS 304 / SS 316/Duplex Steel
Suction Cover Cast iron FG260 / Cast Iron FG 200 / CF8 / CF8M / 2%NICI / Duplex Steel
Pump Shaft EN8 /SS 410 / SS 304 / SS 316/Duplex Steel
Shaft Sleeve SS 410 /SS 304 / SS 316/Duplex Steel
Bearing bed Cast iron
Gland MS / SS

Gland Rope

Single Mechanical seal

Double Mechanical seal

Cartridge Seal

Base plate

Coupling (Love jaw/tyre/spacer/pin push)

Coupling guard

Foundation Bolt